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CCTV Repair and Services in Gurgaon

24 hours repair and services for any kind of CCTV Camera. Our team is specialised in all kind of CCTV cameras including infrared, wireless, night vision, etc

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Products we have


Best for indoor surveillance

Bullet CCTV

Easy to install on wall

Nightvision CCTV

Best for night surveilance

Infrared CCTV

Advanced Infrared heat detection

Wireless CCTV

No entangling wires. Wifi Tech

Waterproof CCTV

Best for parking, streets

Popular CCTV Camera brands in Gurgaon

Customer Reviews

Brilliant Service

Brilliant Service by betternear team. Ashish is very friendly client relationship manager. He handled our query professionally and help us secure our house with just 3 CCTV Cameras.

Customer Henry

Henry K...

Sector 14, Gurgaon

Loved it

The way they provide service is very nice. I loved it. Their manager helped me to decide how many cameras I need for this. Thank you sir. You help me save money

Customer Piyush

Piyush G...

DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon

Great Experience

I recommend Betternear to everyone. Those who wants any kind of security device installed you can trust Betternear for great experience. Amazing guys, amazing company

Customer Parminder

Parminder S...

Sector 46, Gurgaon

Special Discount upto 10% for :


We provide great security system for hotels in Gurgaon. Our solutions are specialised for Hotels lobbies, receptions, gates, restaurant. We have installed CCTV Cameras in many hotels in Gurgaon.

Coaching Institutes

Great offers on CCTV Camera setup for Coaching Institues and Tuition Centers in Gurgaon Haryana. We have many Institute clients in Gurgaon sector 14, New Railway road in Gurgaon. Most education institute prefer us to provide excellent cctv service in Gurgaon


Lots of Companies and shops in Gurgaon are choosing us for their security system. We provide best solution for Company reception, Company Workspace, Gates, Corridors, Lobby. We have installed CCTV Cameras in many shops in Gurgaon

Outdoor & Parking

We have installed infrared cameras in many streets of Gurgaon. Many Resident Welfare Association of Gurgaon are our clients. We have delivered excellence to many parking in big malls in Gurgaon

How we work in Gurgaon?

Step 1

Cost Estimate

We will provide you price estimate over mobile. It is our standard practice to provide you with the information of how much will it cost you to install entire system. It includes price of cameras, DVR, wiring, Screen, etc.

Call 9650029795 for Quotation

Step 2

Device Installation

If you agree upon the quotation we provided, we will visit you and install the devices within next 24 hours. The entire process is very quick and reliable in Gurgaon

Call 9650029795

Step 3

Support and after sale service

3 Months installation error guaranty by Betternear. Moreover device guaranty is as per given by the manufacturer. Most camera companies provide 1 to 5 year guaranty.

Call 9650029795

Locations in Gurgaon where we have installed CCTV Cameras :

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to hire CCTV Camera installation services ?

Visit Select your city. For example you can select Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. After selecting your city select the CCTV Installation Service. Now you have multiple options. You can chat with us to enquire about the pricing or you can call us on the given number for instant quotes

What is the cost of installing CCTV Cameras ?

Cost of installing CCTV Camera depends on the brand, type of CCTV Camera you choose. Most professionals take fixed amount per camera installation. To give you a rough estimate it will cost you around ₹11000 for 2 Cameras, ₹14500 for 4 Cameras, ₹18200 for 6 cameras.

How long does it take to install CCTV Cameras in new premises?

It takes around 3 to 6 hours to install CCTV Cameras in new premises. Replacement and Repair generally takes less time. However sometimes reparing CCTV Cameras can take more time if the problem is difficult to find and diagnose.

What are the popular CCTV Camera brands in Gurgaon?

CP Plus, Hikvision, Godrej, Mi and Samsung are some of the popular brands of CCTV Cameras in Gurgaon. Most people prefer either CP Plus or Hikvision CCTV Camera. Both of these brands come with great quality and relatively cheap price.

What guaranty or warranty is provided ?

All CCTV Camera brands provide 1 year manufacturer warranty. We at betternear provide 3 months installation error guaranty. For any problem you can contact us at 9650029795 or mail us at [email protected]

Do you need CCTV Cameras?

With growing need for security and busy schedule people need to secure their premises with CCTV Cameras. However if you stay in completely secure locality with trusted and reliable members around and running low on budget then you can skip CCTV setup.

What are the benefits of CCTV Cameras installation?

5 benefits of using CCTV Cameras

  • CCTV Cameras secure your house from burglars and collect video proof in case something goes wrong
  • CCTV Cameras are brilliant for surveillance. You can keep eye on your employees, staff, customers in your premises
  • CCTV Camera collects video records which could be used as evidence in case of court cases.
  • You can also use cctv footage for insurance claim settlement documents
  • CCTV footage is also used for identifying criminals in the crime spot. It will help the police to track the criminals down
  • It will help you attain peace of mind. You can be tension free while leaving your house behind. You can enjoy your vacations without any fear of burglary

What is Betternear?

Betternear is service provider portal. We have reliable and trusted business partners which will help you to provide effective service in lowest prices. We are based in Gurgaon, Haryana. We were established in 2018.

Why should we trust Betternear?

Betternear is subsidiary of registered company Prepogo pvt ltd which was established in 2017. We have already worked with more than 1000 clients and delivered good quality service. We believe in Client first approach. Give us a chance to serve you and we guaranty we will not dissappoint you.